IoT Cloud Platform Landscape 2019 Vendor List

Ectron Corp. manufactures IoT solutions, as well as industrial computers, measurement equipment, and high-precision calibration. The company has its headquarters located in San Diego, CA, and was established in 1964. Table 1 below contains relevant information on the top featured IoT companies on Included in the information, you’ll find details on each company’s location, year founded, and the number of employees, as well as brief company summaries.

Most IoT platforms offer application management/enablement capabilities (58% of the 613 IoT platforms). Data management is offered by 43% of all IoT platforms, and 35% offer device management. Fewer IoT platforms offer IoT telco management capabilities (7%) or infrastructure services/IaaS (3%).

IoT Platforms Market Report 2021–2026

Thanks to this work tool, we have integrated the projects and services that we offer to our clients, some of whom also use this tool so that continuous feedback on the business processes we both carry out is concerned. All this leads to a better allocation of consulting projects, loyalty campaigns, which allows us to have a detailed control of the integrated resources, their response and the personnel involved instantly. Wiliot currently works with many of the world’s – and Europe’s – largest retailers across the apparel, CPG, pharmaceutical, big box, and grocery markets.

Some platforms excel at connecting sensors while others are focused more on communications and data processing. Despite its immaturity, the IoT platform market is extremely competitive, with hundreds of companies offering solutions. To succeed, technology product marketing leaders need to sharpen their IoT go-to-market strategy and evangelize and educate the market on the art of the possible.

How to Select the Best IoT Platform

It also offers website and software development services, as well as 24/7 support. TechFlex Development supplies website services such as software development, and design. It also offers IoT services including the optimization and integration of operations, security, consulting, and strategy. The company is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, and was founded in 2019. Pharr Technologies is a provider of internet of things (IoT) services for a variety of industries including financial, education, manufacturing, government, and healthcare.

The role of certain industries (e.g., Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, System Integrators), open source vendors/communities, market funding/investment activity and M&A deals are also described. Sign up for our exclusive email updates today, and receive the latest market insights before others. The market for IoT platforms continues to concentrate, with the top 10 companies now controlling almost two-thirds (65%) of the entire market, compared to 58% in 2019 and 44% in 2016. The hyperscalers (Microsoft, AWS, and, to a lesser degree, Google Cloud, Alibaba, and some others) have become market leaders, and they continue to outgrow the overall market with growth rates of 50%+ per year. For the first time since 2015, the IoT platforms market is not growing. From 2015 to 2019, the number of publicly known IoT platforms more than doubled from 260 to 620.

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I understand that I may opt out of future research updates at any time by contacting IoT Analytics at info (at) By clicking below, you agree that IoT Analytics may process your information in accordance with the above iot platform vendors terms. For more information about IoT Analytics’ privacy practices, please refer to the privacy statement on the main website. Among other things, the report highlights several examples of how customers select their IoT platforms.

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Multilevel KPI monitoring dashboards have helped our production team to achieve significant benefits. Alert notifications of the process deviations has helped us to reduce operational risk and reduced downtime as well. Customers can use Vivint’s app to remotely open and close the garage door, adjust the thermostat and view live video footage of their home. Windows and doors can also be equipped with Vivint security sensors that will trigger an alarm and alert emergency personnel if an unauthorized person tries to enter the home. It’s vital to consider the initial cost of an IoT platform but also total cost of ownership (TCO) and what type of return on investment it can deliver to your organization.

The number of IoT platforms is no longer growing.

Providers of platforms include pure-play 3rd party platforms, hardware vendors, connectivity providers, and system integrators. Developing for the Internet of Things is a complex endeavor, and nobody wants to do it from scratch. IoT data platforms offer a jumping-off point by combining many of the tools needed to manage a deployment from device management to data prediction and insights into one service. Although some firms claim billion-dollar revenue streams through IoT, our IoT Platform Comparison continues to show that these claims are mostly pure marketing. In the last year, we followed-up at least two such claims with larger vendors and found that they claimed new “IoT” revenue that had actually been relabelled from previously existing revenue. Furthermore, the sales figures included expensive hardware equipment and only very little software revenue.

  • All information presented in this IoT Platform Comparison is based on our research in the IoT Platforms space.
  • Companies that follow these 4 actionable insights are likely to enjoy success in an emerging market worth billions of dollars.
  • A recent survey and interview series for the IoT Platforms Market Report & Vendor Comparison 2018 revealed 4 actionable insights into how IoT Platform vendors can successfully stand out in the crowded market.
  • IoT Cloud Platform solutions backed by large publicly traded companies.
  • Their focus on cybersecurity and safety allows them to meet HIPAA, ACA, and many more safety standards, and they are among the top 10 fastest-growing data analytics companies today.

Companies that follow these 4 actionable insights are likely to enjoy success in an emerging market worth billions of dollars. This approach should help companies overcome the $10M revenue hurdle that so far only 10% of companies in the market have passed. Regardless of the strategy, partners, and marketing approach, platforms must not forget that they should first and foremost address the customer needs. Our next article, due out in the coming weeks will focus on the customer perspective.

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The ThingWorx platform is a robust and fully developed industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. It addresses a wide range of manufacturing, service and engineering use cases through end-to-end device auto-provisioning and management. ThingWorx specializes in remote access monitoring, remote maintenance and service, predictive capabilities and other functions on-premises and in the cloud. IoT device management platforms should be able to unify management across multiple device types, vendors, locations, etc. A related benefit is the time savings and efficiency improvements that a single management platform affords.

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On a detailed level, some of the dimensions analysed include Application Enablement and Device Management building blocks by vendor, IoT application marketplace sizes by vendor or supported communication standards by vendor. The majority of IoT Platform vendors cover % of all analysed platform building blocks. The report analyzes the competitive landscape of the IoT platforms market estimating the 2017 market share of leading vendors. A comprehensive company database, classifying IoT Platforms, including revenue & market share estimates for 600+ IoT Platform vendors. In the last two years, 30 platform companies have pivoted to an application or now offer a vertical solution instead of a horizontal IoT platform, and 10 now offer a security platform.

IoT Device Management Platforms

From dashboarding to asset monitoring and predictive maintenance MindSphere has provided the exact tools necessary to explore and leverage IoT data. This has resulted in an increase in our working efficiencies and confidence in our asset up-time. Overall, MindSphere has been a huge component of our business’ success story. Arm simplifies IoT connectivity for businesses in a range of industries — from automotive and retail to logistics and smart buildings. The company says approximately 70 percent of the Arm-based chips shipped by its partners each year are meant for IoT and embedded markets.

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